Wisdom in Torah Ministries

  • Remebering God in the Times of Oppresion

    The story of Ruth is significant for the body of Messiah, as it teaches us about righteousness and justice. Ruth, a widow, was willing to help another widow despite the fact that she knew that she herself would never be considered an honorable woman. In the Ancient Near East, widows had limited o...

  • Torah Portions w/ Rico Cortes

    7 videos

    Join Rico as he looks at the Torah Cycle Readings.

  • The Threshold Covenant

    2 videos

    Have you ever wondered why the children of Israel were instructed to put the blood of a lamb on the door posts and lintel of their homes during the original Passover? Yes, those houses with the blood were "passed over" by the plague of the death of the first born but did you know there was a more...

  • Laws of Adoption

    6 videos

    One of the biggest challenges facing the Messianic movement, and causing much division, is that of identity. Many are coming out of Christianity and finding that our place within the Kingdom is a topic of controversy which leaves us wondering, are we Israel? Gentiles? Jews? Should we keep all of ...

  • The Law | Chris Franke and Rico Cortes

    Utilizing the first five chapters of the book of Leviticus Rico Cortes of Wisdom in Torah Ministries and Pastor Chris Franke of HFF.church look at how the laws for moral and ritual purity are applied in modern and ancient context.

  • Hebrew Context of Galatians

    3 videos

    In this teaching, Rico tackles the book of Galatians. This book of the Bible has been used as evidence against keeping Torah and causing believers to think that Messiah Yeshua came to annual the Law of Moses. Such an erroneous understanding has come from teachers not knowing the proper context of...

  • Enthronement of the King | Rico Cortes

    Join Rico Cortes as he teaches at Sukkot 2016. For more information please visit: tabernaclesevent.com

  • Encroachment of the Sancta | Rico Cortes

    Join Rico as he looks at how we should approach and who was able to approach the Holy place in the Temple.

  • Honor & Shame | Rico Cortes

    Join Rico as he looks at what the Bible says about showing honor and causing shame.

  • What is Kedusha | Rico Cortes

    Join Rico as he looks at what the Scripture says about holiness in the Bible!

  • Methodology | Rico Cortes

    Join Rico as he shows others how he approaches he studies with Scripture.

  • The Gate Liturgy & Temple Music | Rico Cortes

    Join Rico Cortes live from the Feast of Tabernacles

  • Equity in the Kingdom by Rico Cortes

    Join Rico as he teaches Equity in the Kingdom during Sukkot 2016.

  • Water Cisterns on the Temple Mount | Rico Cortes

    Join Rico as he looks at archeological evidence of the ancient water supplies for the temple.

  • How to Handle Your Blessing | Rico Cortes

    Join Rico as he looks at how we should react to have such blessings.

  • The Feast of Shavuot | Rico Cortes

    Understanding how the Feast of Shavuot ties into redemption.

  • Suzerain Treaty at Sinai | Rico Cortes

  • The Book of Revelation and the Covenant Lawsuit | Rico Cortes

    Join Rico as he looks at what an oath and covenant means in light of the Book of Revelation.