The Parable Series

The Parable Series

Join Matthew as he looks through the Bible and outlines various parables.

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The Parable Series
  • The Parable Series: Cursed

    When someone was cursed in the ancient world, it was devastating. I didn't go away and it infected generations. Join us as we see how Yeshua approaches cursed peoples as well as the paradox behind the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector.

  • The Parable Series: The Lost Trinity

    Join us as we dive into the "trinity" of parables in Luke 15. These stories about sheep, coins, and sons may have different characters and backgrounds but carry a single united theme.

  • The Parable Series: The Choice is Yours

    Join Matthew as we look deeper into the sayings and stories of Matthew 18 only to reveal the most difficult thing Torah tells our flesh to do.

  • The Parable Series: Small Stuff Matters

    When we think of God's reign overtaking this world and His mighty Kingdom being established, we may envision explosions, bolts of lightning, or a massive event that cannot be missed. This, however, is not how Yeshua Himself describes the manifestation of God's Kingdom. Join us as we explore the p...

  • The Parable Series: The Wheat and the Tares

    When Jesus speaks about the wheat and the tares, He includes many details in the story that are typically overlooked. From the servants questioning the farmer about his intentions for the garden to the over-zealous wanting to cut down the weeds. What does the parable really have to do with how ar...

  • The Parable Series: Fear and Oil

    Join us as we look at the connection between Matthew 24's apocalyptic assertions and hyperbole and the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25. This is a challenging message about how we should engage the world around us as we experience the tribulation that comes upon us.