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  • Defining Biblical Terms

    3 videos

    In order to understand what the Bible is saying you must first understand the terms in there proper context.

  • Shalom in the Home

    What does the Bible say about how to have peace in your home.

  • The Fight for the Bride | Jim Staley

    Join Jim as he looks at the narrative of the entire Bible and lays out a cause that Yeshua is fighting for his bride!

  • Top Ten Most Misunderstood New Testament Verses

  • How to Celebrate Passover | Jim Staley

    Why do we celebrate Passover? How is the Passover Seder observed? How is Unleavened Bread observed? What is leaven? What are the traditional Passover foods? What are the spiritual meanings behind each part of the Seder? How can we make this celebration fun for the family? This step-by-step instru...