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  • The Sinai Pentecost Connection | David E Jones

    Pentecost, Acts chapter 2. As we approach this day, and the prophetic implications of it, we need to have the understanding that this day existed before Acts 2. We see Shavuot in Scripture. This day is important in the life of every believer. What can looking at this day through the entirety of S...


  • Holy Vessels | David E Jones

    We are the clay, He is the potter. How does this affect our daily lives and how we approach Scripture? During times of fashioning or molding do we yield ourselves to the process or do we resist it? What is the end result? Check out this video for more info. For more teachings check out http://rua...

  • The Commonality of the Seven Churches | Dr. David E Jones Ph.D

    Prophetically speaking to the seven assemblies in the book of Revelation, what was the common theme? What does this mean for us today? Is there something we can see here that impacts our current situations?

  • Passover explained Pt.2 - Yeshua the Passover Lamb

    Dr. David E Jones explains why Yeshua is the Passover Lamb. This is part two in a series on the Passover of YHWH. Have you ever wondered why He is called the Passover lamb? How is this to be understood today? Check out this teaching and See Jesus (Yeshua) as you possibly haven't before.
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