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  • The Book of Redemption

    7 videos

    Join Rabbi Itzhak Shapira as he goes through Nachmanides' great work, Sefer Hageulah (The Book of Redemption)

  • The Mystery of Jacobs Ladder | Rabbi Itzhak Shapira

    Join Rabbi Shapira the head of Yeshivat Shuvt for a special teaching on the discovery of one of the Greatest Mysteries in the Hebrew Bible.

  • Cheezok Emunah- Judaism and The Trinity Lessons from Leshem Yechud Prayer

    What Normative Judaism has to say about the Compound unity of G-D? What can we learn from the Ancient Jewish prayed titled Leshem Yechud? Don't miss out on this special lesson.

  • Cheezok Emunah- Judaism and Isaiah 53 Of Whom Isaiah 53 Speak of

    Isaiah 53 represents one of the most incredible chapters in the Hebrew Bible to describe the Jewish Messiah. Some within normative Judaism declares that all of Judaism declares that this particular chapter speaks of Israel and not the Messiah. In this brief lesson R' Shapira reviews the commentar...