Founded in Truth Ministries

Founded in Truth Ministries is a fellowship in Fort Mill, SC. Under the Pastoral care of Matthew Vander Els.

  • Moped of Malice - How Envy is Holding You Back From Your Purpose

    As people, we tend to give weight to some sins while minimizing others, leaving some of the most dangerous and destructive sins "acceptable" in our lives. I wonder if we intentionally tip the scales in favor of sins we would rather not struggle with daily and exalt our self-defined righteousness ...

  • Exodus the Shadow of the Lamb | Matthew Vander Els

    As Passover quickly approaches, we explore the narrative in the Book of Exodus and discover a much larger story than Babies in baskets, blood on doorposts, and seas splitting. The Book of Exodus sets the foundation for the rest of the Bible creating a theme that is cyclical throughout the story o...

  • The Parable Series

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    Join Matthew as he looks through the Bible and outlines various parables.

  • What is Passover and the History of Easter | Founded In Truth Ministries

    What is Passover and should Christians celebrate it? This is a valid question that demands an answer. Join us as we look through the history of the early church and discover what happened to Passover and how Easter came into existence.

  • What is the Sabbath

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  • Fear of Tomorrow - Praying the Psalms | Founded in Truth Ministries

    Take a look at the structure and content of Psalms, noting how the Biblical authors deal with fear, anxiety, and remaining firm in their faith despite the world around them.

  • Broken Crayons | Founded in Truth Ministries

    Sometimes we go through situations or have things in our past that make us feel unworthy, uninvited, and broken in our status in the world and before God. Join us as we look to see what scripture says about broken people and how God can use the brokenness for beauty.

  • The Church and the Devil | Founded in Truth Ministries

    Join us as we discuss a famous book by Christian author CS Lewis titled "The Screwtape Letters" and the reality of the temptation to surround yourself with a church community but living a life far from God at the same time.

    We will also dive into how much community is a necessary part of being ...

  • End of All Mankind | David Wilber

    Nobody likes to think about death. It's uncomfortable and troubling. And yet, it's a reality that we all will face. Death comes for us all. While we're inclined to avoid the topic of death, the Bible encourages us to think about it. What does death teach us?

  • A Drink of Living Water | David Wilber

    During Yeshua's discussion with the Samaritan woman at the well, He said that the Father is looking for those who will worship Him in "Spirit and truth." What does that mean? And what else can we learn from this unique encounter? David Wilber teaches through the fourth chapter of John and explore...

  • Passover in Christ

    Join us as we see what the New Testament says about Jesus being the greater Exodus and greater Passover from Sin and Death.

  • Passover in Exile

    As Passover approaches, we continue to look at Passover throughout the narrative of the Hebrew Bible. This week, we visit what Passover represented for the Judean people in exile and what God promised was coming to bring about a new creation!

  • Satan's Bait | Matthew Vander Els

    From viewing someone's opinion as an offense concerning politics, healthcare decisions, or childhood education, to holding onto grudges that remain in place because of pride, this is the easiest trap to fall into. Learn what the Bible says about offense, how to deal with it, and why it's so easy ...