Foundations in Torah Ministries

  • Passover: A New Creation | Dr. Dinah Dye

    A teaching that explores the idea of Israel as a new creation and the significance of applying the blood to the doorway in the same way the priests applied the blood to the altar.

  • Dew of Heaven

    4 videos

    Dr. Dye explains how the rabbis associated the dew of heaven with the resurrection of the dead. In this series, she explores the atonement and the resurrection in a number of stories in Scripture, which includes Elijah and the Widow, the manna in the desert, the fleece of Gideon, and the blessing...

  • The Prayer Service

    4 videos

    A series that examines the morning prayer service by looking at the significance of the burnt offering and where this prayer can be found in the New Testament.

  • Salvation is of the Jews

    2 videos

    This is a two-part teaching that begins by examining the altar of burnt offering and its relationship to repentance in connection with Abel and Isaac. The second part compares the events surrounding the well where Moses rescued the seven daughters of Jethro, with the well where Yeshua met the Sam...

  • Exile to Return

    10 videos

    A look at the NT parables from the perspective of the Babylonian exile.