• Episode 1 | What Does The Bible Say About..

    Reading the Bible should bring about many questions. What does God mean here? Why did this happen? You have questions about things in the Bible and we attempt to answer those questions.

  • Messianic Apologetics 2 | Chapter and Verse

    Learn how to defend your faith using the Scriptures as we tackle important topics every Thursday evening at 7:30 pm CT.

  • Episode 2 | Weekly Torah

    The book of Genesis' weekly Torah portions.

  • Satan's Bait | Matthew Vander Els

    From viewing someone's opinion as an offense concerning politics, healthcare decisions, or childhood education, to holding onto grudges that remain in place because of pride, this is the easiest trap to fall into. Learn what the Bible says about offense, how to deal with it, and why it's so easy ...

  • Aaron or Melchizedek Part 1 | Rico Cortes

    The sons of Aaron were anointed, ordained and consecrated for the earthly priesthood. So, where is that same type of ordination for the so called Melchizedek priesthood applicable to everyone on the kingdom on the earth?

    This teaching will show comprehensive evidence of the validity of the sons...

  • Restful Resistance | Ryan White

    How the Sabbath combats social, economic, and religious anxiety. Tackling the importance of taking a Sabbath.

  • All I Want For Christmas Is... | Chris Franke

    How can we address Christmas with our family and non-Sabbath-keeping family members?

  • Yeshua Your Covering | Jane Diffenderfer

    Join Jane as she talks about finding the covering of Yeshua. Filmed live at Messiah Meetings Nashville.

  • Finding Jesus in the Old Testament Pt 1

    Dr. Brown talks on Saturday afternoon about finding Jesus in the Old Testament.

    Dr. Michael Brown helpful sites:

  • Repentance | John Bevere

    John Bevere shares about the message of Repentance from his new book "Killing Kryptonite". Features short films "Justin and Angela" and "The Prisoner".

  • How Gritty Are You | Lisa Bevere

    Join Lisa as she delivers an in your face sermon on testing our grit for the kingdom.