• The Lion's Roar | Book of Revelation

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    Look at the book of Revelation through the context of the time it was given to John. Learn how to see the prophecies as becoming an overcomer in Messiah.

  • Feast of Tabernacles 2022 Teachings

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    Get the full set of teachings from the Feast of Tabernacles 2022 in Chandler, OK hosted by Lion and Lamb Ministries for a limited time.

  • Chayei Sarah | Erev Shabbat Broadcast

  • Moped of Malice - How Envy is Holding You Back From Your Purpose

    As people, we tend to give weight to some sins while minimizing others, leaving some of the most dangerous and destructive sins "acceptable" in our lives. I wonder if we intentionally tip the scales in favor of sins we would rather not struggle with daily and exalt our self-defined righteousness ...

  • The Visions of Ezekiel

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    Join Monte as he looks at the visions given to the #prophet #Ezekiel. Are these past events, present events, or future events unfolding before our eyes.

  • Saturday Church | hff.church

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  • Finding Jesus in the Old Testament Pt 1

    Dr. Brown talks on Saturday afternoon about finding Jesus in the Old Testament.

    Dr. Michael Brown helpful sites:

  • 21 Acts of Covenant

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    Join Ephraim Judah of Lion and Lamb Ministries as he looks at 21 acts we do daily that enter us into or solidify covenants with those in our lives.

  • Messiah Mondays

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  • From Patmos with Love | Ryan White

    Join Ryan as he looks at the seven letters to the churches.

  • Hurry | Chris Franke | hff.church

    We have become a culture that is so busy and hurried that we are effectively shutting off our ability to see God move in our life.

    #church #shutoffyourphone #sabbath #rest

  • Repentance | John Bevere

    John Bevere shares about the message of Repentance from his new book "Killing Kryptonite". Features short films "Justin and Angela" and "The Prisoner".

  • Exodus the Shadow of the Lamb | Matthew Vander Els

    As Passover quickly approaches, we explore the narrative in the Book of Exodus and discover a much larger story than Babies in baskets, blood on doorposts, and seas splitting. The Book of Exodus sets the foundation for the rest of the Bible creating a theme that is cyclical throughout the story o...

  • Restful Resistance | Ryan White

    How the Sabbath combats social, economic, and religious anxiety. Tackling the importance of taking a Sabbath.

  • God Wants A Mega Church | Chris Franke | hff.church

    We often think of Megachurches as negative. We have to stop looking at the phrase megachurch as describing church buildings made of brick and stone and start looking at the phrase for the people who are made of flesh and bone. #actschapter2 #megachurch #messianic #saturdaychurch

    Luke outlines...

  • What Does the Bible Say About?

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    Join us Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm (CT) as Daniel answers your questions using Biblical principles.

  • How Gritty Are You | Lisa Bevere

    Join Lisa as she delivers an in your face sermon on testing our grit for the kingdom.