• Preparing For First Fruits | Nathan Harmon and Ephraim Judah

    Join Ephraim and Nathan as they sit down to talk about the Spring Feasts, and the celebration of First Fruits through the resurrection of Messiah.

  • Tree of Life | Chris Franke

    The first Adam failed to perfect man through the commandment of God. The second and greater Adam wouldn't fail!

  • Passover in Christ

    Join us as we see what the New Testament says about Jesus being the greater Exodus and greater Passover from Sin and Death.

  • Passover in Exile

    As Passover approaches, we continue to look at Passover throughout the narrative of the Hebrew Bible. This week, we visit what Passover represented for the Judean people in exile and what God promised was coming to bring about a new creation!

  • Finding Jesus in the Old Testament Pt 1

    Dr. Brown talks on Saturday afternoon about finding Jesus in the Old Testament.

    Dr. Michael Brown helpful sites:

  • Covenant Festival Connection | Nathan Harmon

    The covenants that God has made with mankind are our greatest reminders of his perfect plan he has for us. His promises to redeem us, put his spirit inside of us and one day return for us. In this amazing Message learn how feast day lines up perfectly with each cabinet garden has made with us. Ev...

  • The Day God Escaped the Box | Ryan White

    Join Ryan as he looks at how we as believers place God in a box and how God is not limited.

  • Good But Not Very Good | Brad Scott

    Join Brad Scott during our Feast of Shavuot event as he teaches a breakout session.

  • Repentance | John Bevere

    John Bevere shares about the message of Repentance from his new book "Killing Kryptonite". Features short films "Justin and Angela" and "The Prisoner".

  • How Gritty Are You | Lisa Bevere

    Join Lisa as she delivers an in your face sermon on testing our grit for the kingdom.