Faith of Messiah Ministries

Faith of Messiah is a ministry that focuses on equipping the body of Messiah to study Scripture in the cultural context within which it was written. We have hundreds of hours of teachings covering subjects such as honor and shame culture, the Israelite sacrificial system, the Tabernacle, justice and righteousness, the annual Torah and Haftarah cycle, the messianic Gospel cycle, and much more. Join Ryan White as we learn more about what God is saying to us both then and now.

  • The Day God Escaped the Box | Ryan White

    Join Ryan as he looks at how we as believers place God in a box and how God is not limited.

  • From Patmos with Love | Ryan White

    Join Ryan as he looks at the seven letters to the churches.

  • Yeshuas restoration of Israel | Ryan White

    The restoration of all Israel takes place through the death and resurrection of Yeshua. Join Ryan as he looks at the new exodus and what that means for Israel.

  • Roots | Ryan White

    We all have roots in our faith. Join Ryan White as he shares his testimony and how he stays rooted in the word of God.

  • The Book of Ruth

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    Ryan dives into the multi-part teaching on how the book of Ruth has so many relevant elements for today's awakening we see to the roots of the Christian faith.

  • Intro to Do This in Remembrance of Me | Ryan White

    In this teaching, we will investigate the background of Passover, especially focusing on what exactly the sacrifice of the Passover lamb was and why the eating of the lamb made it a sacrifice. We will also look at the development of the Passover and how a Passover Seder was performed in the time ...

  • Restful Resistance | Ryan White

    How the Sabbath combats social, economic, and religious anxiety. Tackling the importance of taking a Sabbath.