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Our purpose is to seek and bring the truth to all nations, unlearn false doctrines and traditions of men, and to equip the body to live and practice the Word as God originally intended.

We find that continuously examining the Scriptures (in the same Hebraic first-century context and perspective in which they were written and understood) reveals to His people much more understanding, as opposed to the more common Greek mindset that is a couple of thousand years removed.

  • Parashah Points: Shemini – Holy Food

    In this week’s Parashah Point on the portion titled Shemini, we look at the command from the Creator to be holy because He is holy. We see how one way that we are set apart, or holy, involves our diet. We also see that Peter reminds us to be holy in all of our conduct, which would include what we...

  • The Pauline Paradox

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    Is it possible for centuries of Bible teachers and scholars to have missed something vitally important in Paul's teachings? Could it be that Paul's writings actually support the Torah? Is the majority ever wrong?

  • 119 Podcasts

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  • The 7 Laws of Noah

    The 7 Laws of Noah are said to apply just to Gentiles, while the rest of the Torah applies only to Israel, or those of the Jewish faith. Let’s go to the Scriptures to find where the truth truly lies as we explore the idea of the 7 Noahide laws according to the Word.

  • Passover & Unleavened Bread | 119 Ministries

    This Series is designed to look at the Moedim of YHWH in a brief and concise way. Though these topics could be expounded and explained in long teachings, it is our goal to make these as short as possible while attempting to give certain amounts of detail at the same time. Though we hope to make...

  • What is New about the New Covenant? (Hebrews 8)

    New Covenant with better promises, or a new law? Some might be surprised to learn that prophets stated that the new covenant would consist of the same law…

  • Parashah Points: Tzav – First Be Reconciled

    In this week’s Parashah Point on the Torah Portion named, Tzav, we look at the importance of restitution as required by the Torah in Leviticus 6:4-7. We are required by the Torah to make restitution when we wrong someone. If we claim to follow the Word, then this is a topic we cannot afford over...

  • Parashah Points: Vayakhel – Don’t Neglect Simple Obedience

    In this week’s Parashah Point on the portion Vayakhel we look at the reminder given to Israel not to neglect resting on the Sabbath, despite the larger task given to them of creating the Tabernacle. We look at how easy it can be to get caught up in our lives or with things we deem important and e...

  • Parashah Points: Vayikra – Drawing Near to God

    In this week’s Parashah Point on the Torah Portion Vayikra, we look at what it takes to be able to draw near to God. Leviticus 1:1-4 gives us a picture of what needs to be done to be accepted by the Father, and then we also see how we can do this today when the sacrificial system is no longer in...

  • Parashah Points: Pekudei – A Spiritual Audit

    In this week’s Parashah Point about the portion titled, Pekudei, we see that close records were kept in relation to the Tabernacle according to Exodus 38:21 and relate that to our own lives. Should our spiritual lives be audited any less rigorously than what went into the Father’s Tabernacle?


  • Parashah Points: Balak – The Phinehas Mystery

    In this week’s Parashah Point about the Torah Portion Balak, we examine the Phinehas mystery involving a son of Aaron killing two people. We see how it was not only okay with YHWH, but it actually turned aside His anger and saved the people of Israel.


  • End of Days Series - The First Five Trumpets

    This teaching addresses that of knowing the day and hour of Yeshua's return, the third temple and the first five trumpets of Revelation. For so long, many have taught that the first four trumpets are caused from events pertaining to asteroids or comets. 119 now presents how they can very easil...

  • The Brit Hadasha Series - His Sacrifice

    Yeshua our Messiah is said to be our sacrifice. The TANAKH, or the Old Testament declares that our Creator is against human sacrifice. Now we have a problem, or do we...Welcome to the opening teaching of the Brit Hadasha series, in which we take the Brit Hadasha, the New Testament, and begin to...

  • The Christmas Question: Full Documentary

    The Christmas Question documentary unravels the history of the holiday and explores the implications for today’s Christians. To learn more about testing your faith and traditions against the Word of God, please visit 119 Ministries at: www.TestEverything.net